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Bingo is one of the most widely enjoyed games around the world, played by all ages from children on up to senior citizens. In today’s technological age, this globally favored pastime can now be played on the internet as well. With that said, if you’d like to know how to play Bingo online, you’ve come to the right place.

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This article is dedicated to teaching Bingo fans who’ve never played over the Internet how to play Bingo online. There are a few similarities between the live and online versions, particularly the rules of the game and winning conditions, but also several distinct differences worth noting.

We’ll start with the basics…

How to Play Bingo Online – Step 1: Finding the Right Location
The first thing you’ll need to do is find an online bingo site that suits you. You’ll need to find one that accepts players from your region (for example, many do not accept US players) and offers types of Bingo game you are familiar with (75-Ball Bingo, 90-Ball Bingo and/or 80-Ball Bingo).

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Bingo Bonuses are another thing to consider. If you’re new to playing Bingo online, you’d do well to find a Free Trial Bingo Bonus that allows you to purchase cards and play a few games for real money without actually making a deposit.

How to Play Bingo Online – Step 2: Sign-Up
You’ll need to register an account with the online Bingo site you’ve chosen in order to play, whether you’re playing for free or real money. Signing up an account is usually very quick and easy. Simply fill in all the required fields with accurate information and you’ll be ready to play Bingo online in no time. We do stress the ‘accurate information’ part, because winning real money does you no good if you can’t get a hold of it!

How to Play Bingo Online – Step 3: Navigating the Bingo Site
Online bingo sites are normally run in Flash, a Java-client that loads directly in your browser. Once it loads, you will be required to enter your login and password. From here, everything should be pretty straight forward. A list of Bingo Lounges or Rooms should be available, each offering different Bingo Games and Card/Ticket Prices. You should also be able to see how many players occupy each room. If you like a smaller crowd, select something that isn’t very full. Keep in mind there will be a chat running, so the more people there are, the faster it will likely be scrolling.

Once you’ve chosen a Bingo game to play, you’ll have to purchase Cards/Tickets. You may even be able to select which Cards/Tickets you wish to purchase, rather than having random numbers chosen for you. Again, this is a simple, step-by-step process. Just follow the instructions and you’re ready to go.

How to Play Bingo Online – Step 4: You’re Ready to Play
Your Bingo game will load automatically in the window for you, displaying your cards in the center of the screen. To the sides you will see other valuable information. The Bingo Board, depicting all numbers, will either be at the top or top side of the screen, lighting up all numbers that have been called. To the right or bottom of the screen you should find the Bingo Chat. Click on the text box, type a message and press Enter (or click Send) to participate in the chat.

You may have to wait for the previous game to end before you actually play, so use this time to familiarize yourself with the above mentioned features and functions. You will find a game options menu as well, which lets you customize your online Bingo experience to some extent. The most important thing you’ll want to check in the options menu is called ‘Auto-Daub’.

The Auto-Daub feature is always set to ‘On’ by default. This means that all Bingo numbers called that correspond with numbers on your cards/tickets will automatically be marked for you. You don’t actually have to do anything. In fact, should you win, the online Bingo site will even inform everyone that you have “Bingo!” If you want a more realistic Bingo experience, toggle the Auto-Daub feature ‘Off’ and prepare to click away at your cards, marking each card number yourself.

How to Play Bingo Online – Recommendations
Even with full knowledge of hot to play Bingo online, you still may feel a bit wary about the process, as is the case with most ‘new adventures’ in life. For this reason, we strongly recommend joining an online Bingo site with a Free Trial, No-Deposit Bonus. You can still play for real money, but the site foots the bill, allowing you to become accustomed to the actual game play in a more comfortable way.

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